Monday, 26 October 2009

DHC report nr. 54; D-day tomorrow ...

Will pick up the body tomorrow afternoon, so my little Landy will be put to use again. Tonight the sills, rear quarter panels and lower wind screen finisher were painted matt black, more or less to the original spec. Rather curious how it looks, should contrast nicely with the bright Triton Green...

I went over to the paint shop late Friday afternoon to pick up the doors. As the body was standing in the paint shop’s large assembly hall (which is very bright) I got a good impression of the paint job. First impression was rather bright, it really stood out against all the modern grey cars surrounding it ... Second impression was how well all the body work had been done (thx guys), highlighted by a very nice paint job. Only found two minor faults so far, which look like they will polish out without too much trouble.

As for the colour, in broad daylight it looks absolutely gorgeous. It might be a bit brighter than the original Triton Green, but I love it already. Rather curious how the body will look with the black sills. To be honest I can’t wait to start assembling the car now :-)

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olmeda said...

wonderful work!
I am impressed by the work done, I look forward to the final result!
I put the link on my site!
good luck!