Wednesday, 21 October 2009

DHC report nr. 53; Green at last

This evening the body was finally painted. To start with a picture of the final preparations before the body went into the spray booth, degreasing;

After which she was as ready as could be for painting;

Here the first coat is being applied. In this case it’s not the actual colour, but a uni-colour bright green acting as a base for the Triton green as it gives a better cover over the grey primer;

Second coat and the first of three coats of Triton green;

I was nearly as nervous after the result as the guy who did the preparations. But looks very nice, although difficult to judge properly with the artificial light inside the spray booth. Can’t wait to see her in daylight. Coming Monday the sills and rear valances will be painted matt black. So she should be back home on Tuesday evening (if the weather allows).

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