Saturday, 10 October 2009

DHC report nr. 51; Ready for painting

And again the body has been loaded onto the trusty trailer:

This time waiting for its last journey as a bare shell, to the paint shop this time. But before we loaded the body onto the trailer, we first had to finish the paint preparations. Which meant sealing the various seams inside the boot;

The panels around the rear lights aperture;

The seam between rear wings and rear valances;

The seams from the “B” posts;

The front suspension turrets;

The interior;

And finally the engine bay;

Due to a small problem with my internet connection (modem blew itself up) this is all rather old news. Last Thursday I brought the body to the paint shop. By now the inside of the boot, the interior and the engine bay should be painted in lovely Triton Green. Hopefully will get some pictures next week, when I have to bring the bonnet, which I forgot in the rush to get the body to the paint shop in time. The painting should be completed somewhere in the next two weeks.

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