Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Historic GP at the “Misty Hell”

Last weekend was the, by now traditional, weekend for the historic races at the Nürburgring. Last year I found out that Health & Safety had done a good job in fencing of the Nordschleife, as a result of which taking decent pictures without the fence getting in the way is rather tricky.

Luckily they made a few gaps in the fence through which to point a camera. Combined with the lovely weather this made for a nice afternoon at the races;

After which it was time for the all important BBQ with a few beers. And next morning dawned in true Eiffel style, damp and rather foggy;

As a result of which all racing was postponed for the time being. As there was no guaranty that there would be any races that day, and being rather thrifty Dutchies, we didn’t want to spent € 38,- for looking at an empty track. So we headed off to the parking areas surrounding the track in search of interesting cars, which we did find, a nice old and rather original looking Tatra;

A ferocious dog guarding a by now rather rare Peugeot 204 Coupe;

Best Peugeot ever ?

And a very nice Dolly Roadster;

And to remind us that the Germans are celebrating that, this year, 20 years ago The Wall came down. Clearly some of the “Ossies” found some employment in the Eiffel;

And when we nearly had given up hope, there really were a few races to be watched. Luckily the ticket boxes were closed by now so we could enter the stands without paying;

But all to soon it became rather dark;

So we headed back to the campsite to finish of a rather misty day. There were more people who were thinking along the same line, like this German camping alongside us with all his friends!

And to cheer ourselves up a bit we built a little bonfire;

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