Saturday, 1 August 2009

DHC report nr. 36; Rear lights

Haven’t had much time to spent on the DHC’s restoration in the past few weeks. As a result progress is rather limited. Today I spent some time on the rear light units.

After cleaning the reflector;

As you can see not very reflective. So I got myself some “chrome” spray paint.

Looks much brighter now. Although (due to the deep and sharp edges) the paints application isn’t what I’d call perfect. Luckily this will be hidden by the lenses. After that I gave the rear lenses a proper wash. With some new gaskets the rear light clusters are ready for installation.

Not yet sure what I will do with the orange inserts for the flasher lights. Am thinking of leaving them out and use orange bulbs instead. Will see what looks best once the car’s painted.

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