Sunday, 19 July 2009

DHC report nr. 34; Wiper mechanism

As I am still working out how to adapt a few things on the heaters coolant valve I turned my attention to the wiper motor assembly. First thing to do was find myself a decent one to start with, but in the end I decided to use the one that came of the car (as it was almost dismantled). I started with dismantling and cleaning the wiper motor and putting it back together. But despite being careful while pulling of the housing I managed to dislodge the brushes. But that happened during assembly, I forgot how strong the magnets were. A frustrating 15 minutes were needed to get all three brushes back in together with the engines spool. Tricky with only two hands but it can be done! With that sorted, the rest of the assembly of the wiper motor was rather straight forward.

With the wiper motor sorted it was time for the wiper wheel-box, which didn’t look that good at first glance;

But after a thorough clean-up with degreaser, wire-brush and sandpaper, and a bit of black paint they (together with the tubes and the spacers) again looked quite acceptable.

Only (slightly) bad bit being one of the wheel boxes’ threads, which is damaged by contact corrosion with the locking nut. To prevent this in future I used some non conductive anti-seize-grease.

So another few bits ready for assembly once the body is back from the paint shop.

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