Saturday, 4 July 2009

DHC report nr. 32; Start paint preparations

Brought the body away for (pre)paint preparations and eventual paint job today. At last I dare say. With a little help from a few friends (some being more helpful than the others 😜)

we managed to get the body into the stand pretty easily.

But as the stand wasn’t meant to be moveable we encountered a small problem. When trying to turn the body single handed, the pivot point of the stand will move inwards once the bolts are removed, thus locking itself inside the pivot point bolted to the body. Luckily this will be pretty easy to rectify by placing a third set of wheels in the middle of the stand, and/or by welding two small plates to the back of the stand’s pivot points. Both to prevent them from bending inwards. Something to sort on Monday.

And hopefully the paint job will be complete by mid August.

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