Thursday, 9 July 2009

Administrative jobs on ‘t Kreng

Had to spent a little bit of time on ‘t Kreng in the past two weeks. First the car needed a new valuation report to get it insured for the next three years. Only thing I had to do for that was a few phone calls, polish her a bit and take a day off from work to wait for the valuator to do his job. Turned out to be the same guy who originally valued her after the restoration in 1996. He was rather impressed by the work done to the car over the years. Especially after an extended test drive. As a result of which the insurance fee has risen a bit!

After valuation it was time to have the car MOT-ed. I would have liked to check the car over before that, but I couldn’t find time for that. So I just drove her into the workshop, where I waited patiently to see what was wrong with her. Nothing really, even the CO level was well within the limit at 2,36%. Only remark (but not on the report) was that she’s burning a bit of oil on idle, resulting in a rather misty workshop ...

As a reward for her good behaviour I filled her up with some Shell V-power racing (100 RON), which she seemed to like very much 😊

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