Thursday, 21 May 2009

DHC report nr. 27; Coating parts

Picked up a few boxes with coated parts yesterday, which means that most of the parts that needed coating are ready now. Today, being a day off from work, I used the afternoon to check them over. A few pictures of some of the parts before and after powder-coating;

And the springs after they got a much needed new coating. As they got a different treatment as the other parts, I thought it a good idea to go for something completely different. So I went for blue to match the piping in the interior;

Also received the connectors for the wiring loom yesterday;

They are just in time for my holiday which has just started today. Plan for the coming week is to start on cleaning and checking the wiring loom, and re-assemble and prepare as much parts as possible. So everything is ready when the body is finished. But if the weather allows I’ll first pick up the body shell next Monday. And then I also have to prepare ‘t Kreng for Le Carerra in June. At least I don’t have to worry I feel bored in the next few weeks.

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