Sunday, 5 April 2009

DHC report nr. 17; Removing seam sealant

At last found some time to remove the temporary suspension and start on the worst job so far, removing what is left of the seam sealant and underbody protection. I started on the inside. Finished the engine bay and passenger compartment, which leaves the boot and the underside. Will see if I can remove the under-seal with the car on the lift. Hope to have everything of by the end of next week.

And an interesting picture how they used seam sealant at British Leyland;

You are looking at the seam between floor pan, RH inner sill and bulkhead. And yes those arrows are pointing at fairly large holes which were simply plugged with sealant!

And I will need a spit/rotisserie for the body to make life working on the underside a bit easier. This is prompted by the fact that I found someone to prepare the body for painting. And he only wants to do it if he can access the underside of the car properly. So I’ll be visiting a local steel vendor in the very near future.

And a few pictures of the finished result of the most difficult and time consuming repair, the fuel filler surround;

Repair panel in the rear bulkhead.

Fuel filler hole repairs.

Repairs to the inside of the fuel filler pipe surround in the boot.

Repairs to the outside of the fuel filler pipe surround in the boot.

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