Sunday, 19 April 2009

DHC report nr. 21; Mounting mud flaps

Have been working (in between other commitments) to get the body ready for shot blasting, next week. Today did the preparations to fit the mud flaps. Wanted that done before the body will be primered. And as I hate self tapping screws I borrowed this little tool from a friend;

Looks like an ordinary pop rivet tool, but in fact is for fitting threaded steel rivets. After some measurements and drilling the necessary holes, the rivets could be fitted;

The end result will enable me to fit the mud flaps without much problems;

Only job which needs to be done is welding the back of the rivets to the body, just in case they decide to lose some of their clamping force. I also need to drill a new hole in the left hand rear wing to fit a nice period aerial. And one of the welds from the RH front towing point is cracked so needs to be repaired before next week.

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