Thursday, 26 March 2009

DHC report nr. 16; General progress

Car returned home today after the body repairs. As the weather was rather wet I just shoved it into the shed complete with trailer. Will start this weekend with the preparations for the next stage, shot blasting and coating with an epoxy primer. Need to remove the suspension and then remove as much of the remaining kit and under body protection. Hopefully will get some good pictures of the repairs then.

Also brought the interior trim panels to a local car upholsterer. The panels will be re-trimmed to match the seats that have been standing in the attic for over 10 years. Here I encountered the first real set back so far. As he is rather busy, the panels won’t be ready before June. Good craftsman are scarce and sought after indeed.

And still found no one to prepare the body for painting, although a friend in that business has found someone who he thinks is good enough and might be willing to take the job. He does need a bit of talking over ...

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