Wednesday, 4 February 2009

DHC report nr. 9; Start of the 2nd stage

Loaded the bare body shell of the DHC onto the trailer today;

And brought it to a company called Giessen in Maastricht, to have the paint and the rust removed. With that the 2nd stage of the restoration has started. The work is out of my hands now for probably a few months. After Giessen is finished the shell will be repaired where necessary. Then back to Giessen to get the complete shell shot blasted and coated in an epoxy primer. When that is done it’s time for the tricky bit, preparing for, and the actual painting. Still looking for someone who can do that properly.

The shell did look a bit sad and abandoned, lying outside while they made room inside;

In the meantime I’ll busy myself with stage three, sorting all the bits, order new were necessary, coat parts where needed etc. And of course fit the new suspension under 't Kreng.

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