Thursday, 19 February 2009

DHC report nr. 10; Ready for body repairs

I had to attend a meeting in Maastricht at one of our sewage treatment plants today. Which was great because, as a result of a site inspection taking less time than expected, and traffic conditions being rather light, I had 45 minutes to spare in between. As said sewage treatment plant is sited less than a mile from the company that is preparing the DHC’s body shell I stopped there to have a quick look at their progress. It turned out that they had just finished it yesterday. So far they stripped the paint and loads of other stuff from the shell and lightly shot blasted all suspect areas.

As they are a rather busy company they had it parked outside to access some other “work” when I arrived. Which was rather convenient to have a close inspection of the shell without being in the way! Sadly I won’t be able to pick the shell up until next Wednesday. So I will bore you all with a few pictures of the worst areas;

The joint between the bulkhead and RH front inner wing.

The joint between the bulkhead and LH front inner wing.

The fuel tank filler cap surround.

Front/lower part of the RH front wing.

Dent on top of the RH front wheel arch.

Dodgy repairs on the LH front wheel arch.

Dodgy repairs on the LH rear wheel arch.

Some small rust holes just above the LH rear valance.

Another (small) dent repair just above the RH rear valance.

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