Thursday, 26 February 2009

DHC report nr. 11; Body back home

Picked up the body shell yesterday. After a closer inspection I have to admit that safe for the accident damage all structural bits are pretty sound, meaning I’ll bore you again with some piccies. First a few shots from the better bits at the rear of the car;

And a few pictures from the engine bay;

Next job was to put some temporary wheels under the car to make her a bit more mobile in the work shop she is going to this Saturday. Found some rather good condition original TR7 alloys with rather period tyres. But most importantly they hold their pressure very well;

They are actual so good that with some decent new tyres I even might use them on the DHC when she’s ready! But I won’t worry too much about that for the near future, first get the car ready. Which means a trip to the body repair guy this Saturday.
And received some positive news on the paint front this week. It looks like I have found someone who’s good enough and willing to prepare the body for painting (good quality craftsman are scarce these days).

Oh, and in between I did bleed the brakes on ‘t Kreng and even found some time for a short test drive, more on that later ...

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