Thursday, 29 January 2009

New Suspension ‘t Kreng

With a slight delay (originally planned as a Christmas present), the new suspension set up for ‘t Kreng arrived today. To be honest I think it looks pretty nice, and I can hardly wait to put it under the car to see how it performs!

To start with, the front springs are 60kg/cm (336lbf/in). Although they look rather flimsy the rear springs are 30kg/cm (168lbf/in). But as these will be placed slightly behind the axle, the effective spring rate is almost 45% higher compared to the original location. So they compare to 43kg/cm (241lbf/in) springs in the original location. A few test drives will be needed to determine if these springs are up to the job.

And a few details of the set up; The top mounts have fully sealed spherical bearings and camber adjustment plates;

As the front dampers are placed “up-side-down“ in the strut the adjuster knob sits on the bottom of the strut casing;

And finally a picture of the top mount for the rear coil-overs;