Saturday, 17 January 2009

DHC report nr. 5; Hidden horrors

Again spent a few hours in the workshop today to empty the fuel tank. While it was emptying itself I occupied myself with removing the last few clips and grommets which I had overlooked. The rest of the time was spent going over the body in search of some hidden horrors. And I found a few!

Clear evidence of some typical US body repairs. Drill holes in the damaged body area so the filler won’t fall of (probably because they didn’t know how to prepare the surface properly!). The positive side is that there is no trace of rust on the inside of the wings.

The inside of the left hand rear wing;

The area of the left hand rear wing with holes;

The area of the left hand front wing which has some filler applied.
The marked area might extend a few inches further;

And a few pictures of the floor area, after the insulation was removed. No real horrors but there is some surface rust underneath;

RH rear floor section.

LH rear floor section.

Passenger foot well.

But there was also a bit of good news. For the first time I managed to get the heating wire, from the front screen kit, free. In all other cases they were either cut off or pressed into the kit completely. This time they were only covered by a blob of kit. Now I have them free I will try and reheat the kit to make removal of the windscreen easier.

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