Saturday, 3 January 2009

DHC report nr. 2; Day three...

Again didn’t quite reach the target I set myself. But over all fairly pleased with the work done yesterday. Removed the following parts;
  • Exhaust and prop shaft;
  • All wiring;
  • Cooling system;
  • Brake and clutch systems emptied, ready for removal;
  • Handbrake lever and cable;
  • Oil cooler;
  • Throttle/choke cables etc...

Only thing connected to the engine now is the fuel line. As the tank still contains some 30 litres of fuel I need a few extra containers to empty it. Also will need a pair of extra hands to remove the fuel without making a complete mess of it !
So after I finished work I had a proper look over the cars body, the obvious bad bits;

The dents

The right hand side of the nose, clearly showing multiple damage.
Probably caused by more than one accident.

Some rather strange damage on the LH front inner wing.

A small dent on the top of the RH rear wing.

And of course one of the foot wells has a dent in it.

The rust

Some rot on the lower front of the RH front wing.
The afflicted area is relative small by the look of it.

Rust on both sides in the seam between inner wing and bulkhead.

Some moderate (surface?) rust in the hollow area of the bulkhead, above the pedal box.

And some rot around the filler cap.

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