Thursday, 1 January 2009

DHC report nr. 1; Two days of stripping

Didn’t reach the target I set myself for the day before yesterday so I had to return to the workshop yesterday for some more stripping. Everything that is not related to the drive train has been removed now.
As the main wiring loom in the nose area is better accessible from beneath it is still in place. Same applies for the rear loom, which is still connected to the tank. Also the heater hasn’t been removed yet as the coolant is still in the engine.

So far I didn’t find any real hidden horrors. No hidden rust, save for the few places I knew of already. There’s is a fair bit of light surface rust on much of the (usually hidden from sight) inside panels but nothing worrying. Even the rear of the floor around the suspension mounts looks sound. I will remove the sound proofing material just to make sure there’s no rust underneath. It has a tendency to trap moisture.

Only real damage I found so far is a dent on the front of the LH rear arch, which has been repaired with some filler ... Time to start on the mechanical bits tomorrow. This time the target is to get everything disconnected.

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