Sunday, 21 December 2008

Merry Christmas

A bit quiet with the TR7’s for the moment. The new suspension I ordered for ‘t Kreng won’t be ready till early next year. But I haven’t been completely idle though.
Last week I visited the guy who’s going to do the bodywork on my TR7 DHC. We went over the car together and he thought he wouldn’t need more than a few days work to rectify the dents and the (little) rust on the body. Plan is to completely strip the body, have it blasted or acid dipped and then sent it over to him by the end of February. So more than enough time to work out what colour she’ll get. The colour choice is down to three options now;
  • Platinum Grey (MCA);
  • Argent Silver (MCB);
  • Triton Green (HAG).
But I wouldn’t be surprised when I switch to a fourth option before she’s in the spray booth!

Also been working out some ideas for the future of ‘t Kreng. As soon as the DHC is back on the road it will be her turn for some rejuvenation work to be carried out. At the moment working on the detailing of another change in the front suspension. For that I contacted one of the better known Escort specialist in Britain, but they haven’t replied to my message yet.

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