Monday, 29 December 2008

2 years

At the end of 2006 I bought my Bordeaux Red DHC from a friend. Most important reason for me to buy it was the 10CR 2007. I wanted to do it in a DHC, which I did. All in all I covered over 10.000 kilometres in it. Although it isn’t the best looking TR7 around, the body shell is almost rust free. To keep it that way I have decided to strip the car completely enabling me to have the body repaired were necessary and get a decent paint job done.

So today, exactly 2 years after I brought here home with me, I started dismantling the car. As a farewell one last picture as she was, waiting patiently to be stripped bare ...

The first day of dismantling didn’t quite go to plan, with lots of small but irritating setbacks. To name a few;
  • A front bumper that didn’t want to part from its centre pivot;
  • Washer hose refusing point blank to come of the washers;
  • Loom for the licence plate lights getting stuck somewhere in the boot lid.
But by the end of the day I had more or less reached my goal. Boot area is stripped, as is the nose area and the door trim;

Target for tomorrow is to get the interior trim, dashboard and the hood assembly of the car.

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