Saturday, 8 November 2008

A space(r) oddity

When I wanted to fit my new wheel/tyre combination on ‘t Kreng, I found out that there were some problems with the clearance between inner tyre wall and lower spring seats. After putting the tyres on the car and taking a few half decent measurements I found out that I only had to find some 3 mm of extra space to give the inner tyre wall enough clearance.

As I want to try out my new tyres sooner rather than later I decided to solve the problem with a temporary solution. As the clearance, or rather lack of it, is marginal I decided to put a spacer between the front hub and wheel. I know not the best of solutions, but for a temporary fix it should do for the moment. I could have started from scratch, but why go for a difficult solution when there is an easy one?

Time to dig out a pair of rather rusty rear brake drums.

Remove the centres with an angle grinder ...

... and a hammer.

Smooth of the edges on a lath.

And you have a pair of 6 mm thick spacers.

See how it all’s going to work. Hopefully get the car back on its wheels tomorrow.

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