Saturday, 15 November 2008

The 20th Nachtrit, a pictorial review

Two weeks ago we had the 20th edition of our “Nachtrit”. Due to the fact that I broke my car slightly on one of the trips to map out the run, I didn’t drive myself this year. Which gave me time to take a few photographs at the start;

Mr. Bear doing some running repairs on his GT6.

Some of the many Triumph entries.

Some of the British entrants, Michael’s TR6 alongside Paul’s TR7-V8.

A nice variety of different Triumph models.
Sadly Ron’s TR6 (top left) had to stay behind with what later turned out to be a blown head gasket.

René (on the right) instructing one of the entrants on the (non)availability of fuel during the 280 km run.

Team Burner heading into the darkness of the Belgium/Dutch night.

GTRoger at the start, here the car was still doing fine.

Robbie’s Mk1 Escort RS2000.

Nice Dutch autumn weather.
Luckily the rain didn't persist so the road conditions were relatively good.

The last car to leave, but the first to finish.

Sorry for having a slight preference for wedges!

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