Monday, 8 September 2008

Historic GP at the Nürburgring

The second weekend of August is traditional the weekend of the historic Grand Prix at the Nürburgring in the German Eiffel. Contrary to last year there was some action on the Friday. Although it was slightly wet so now and then. But at least there was some visibility ...
The best bit of action on the Friday is always a long(er) distance race for historic sports cars and saloons, which is held on the famous Nordschleife. Sadly though (from a photographers point of view) health and safety struck hard here. They erected a safety fence along the track making it rather difficult to take decent pictures, even with a focal length of 400mm ! But I managed to take some decent pictures nevertheless;

The entrance to “our” camp site, the “Fat Sausage” club.

Corvette over braking into Breidscheid.

E-type in the pouring rain coming out of Eschbach.

More rainy action.

Firing up for the Friday night BBQ and a few beers.

As a result of the beer not everyone looked at his best next morning.

Parking brake German style.

Lotus 7.

And a very nice black ‘Vette.

BRM tuned Lotus Elan.

Don’t mention the war.

Big German in a big German car and an armful of opposite lock.

Into the evening sun.

Fierce Mini battle.

Pondering or wondering what went wrong.

Nice drift.

Fire spitting TVR Griffith.

Getting rather dark during the evening race.


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Huuveklitsch said...

Leuke foto's.

Dat het sprookjesbos ook bezocht is??

Spiegeltje spiegeltje aan de wand, wie is de l......ste vent van het land? Als je haar maar goed zit zouden we erbij willen zeggen.