Thursday, 25 September 2008

Tinkering on 't Kreng

As the weather didn’t look to promising this morning I decided to do some work on ‘t Kreng. The idea was to work on the car in the morning and take her for a drive in the afternoon. First job was to fit some bonnet pins that I have lying around for ages but never got to fitting. So after butchering a rather decent bonnet the end result looked like this;

Although the pins are pretty well located with two rather sturdy washers this is only a temporary fix. When the body will be done somewhere in the (hopefully) not too distant future the large hole in the bracket will be welded up. I also used the opportunity to get the alignment of the bonnet a bit better then it was.
With the bonnet pins in place, the original bonnet catch and release mechanism could be removed. This provides a bit of extra room at the rear of the engine to inspect and work on the coolant hoses going to the heater, rather convenient.

Next job was a small service, new oil + filter plus a check of the usual things. Going over the engine bay reminded me of the fact that since a few weeks when I returned home with the car there was always a small patch of coolant just in front of the LH front wheel. Which meant that either the coolant system is pressurising or the radiator cap is gone. A close inspection showed that the rubber seal was indeed past its prime. Luckily there is a rather large US car parts store in our little village and they provided me with a cap that fitted the TR7’s header tank perfectly. Ok it doesn’t look original but I don’t care to much about that.

As can be seen in the picture the LH suspension turret is starting to get rusty indeed. Not yet very bad, but reason enough to have the body done sooner rather than later.
And by the time I had finished with the service the afternoon rush hour was about to start, so I took my mountain bike out into the forest instead ...

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