Saturday, 16 August 2008

MOT time for ‘t Kreng

After the DHC passed its MOT and the VIN number plus paperwork was sorted, it was time to have ‘t Kreng MOT’ed. As usually the brakes were quite OK. This couldn’t be said of the emission test on which she failed. Well she should have, but turning the idle speed up from a rather low 750 rpm to 950 rpm got the CO level spot on at 3.5 % (the joys of Weber DCOE carburettors). After all the measurements had been done it was time to get the car onto the lift for the suspension inspection.

Here there also were no real problems just that the mechanic inspecting the car found that the tyres were worn too much. I could have argued with him but he had warned me in advance that it would be better to put the wheels from the DHC on the car just for the MOT. But being lazy sometimes I, of course, didn’t pay any attention to his advice!

As you can see the thread is fairly worn but in most places it still is ±2 mm. As the thread has to be at least 1.6 mm, I thought I’d be OK. But the problem is that with these tyres there is a tiny rim running along the centre line of the tyre. As a result the thread measured only 1.5 mm there. Measure slightly left or right of this rim and the thread is OK. Well that’s the rules. So I dully drove home, swapped wheels and presented her to get the MOT finished;

The good thing about it all is that I had the opportunity to try rather decent road tyres on ‘t Kreng (Dunlop SP Sport01). On the slightly softer DHC these tyres perform rather well, but I hadn’t done a direct comparison with the very soft Yoko’s. Most noticeable was that on the Dunlop’s the car under steered rather heavily (stiffer anti roll bar indeed!) whereas with the Yoko’s she remains much more neutral under equal conditions. As a result the balance of the car with the soft Yoko’s is much better. I won’t mention the difference in grip under heavy braking!

The current set of tyres will just get me through this summer, so I am looking for something new. Sadly the A032R’s are no longer available in the super soft compound, which is better suited for fast road application in my opinion. I probably will go for a set of soft A048’s instead.

Oh ... and one of the many projects of the garage owner, one of two TR7's lurking in his workshop;

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