Thursday, 21 August 2008

20 years of TR7 motoring

Yesterday it was exactly 20 years ago that I bought my first car, an early Dutch TR7 DHC. So I will bore you with a few (older) pictures of my TR7’s over the years;

A trip through the Netherlands, very early in my TR7 ownership.
Enjoying the weather along the shores of the Ijsselmeer in 1989.

First time with a Triumph in England, enjoying some lovely autumn weather in October 1990.

Some illegal street racing in the early 90’s.

Nearing the end of the restoration of ‘t Kreng.
Only thing left to do was putting all the bits and pieces together again, summer of 1996.

Back to England, Wrynose Pass in the Lake district in 1997. This was the last summer that GB-16-YP was on the road, she’s been dormant ever since. Maybe one day she will free herself from the claws of the dreaded tin worm!

First trip with ‘t Kreng to England in 1998.
Didn't all going to plan!

After a local navigational rallye in 2000.

Blasting up the north face of the Stelvio in 2002.

At the summit of the Col de L'Iseran, 10CR2005.

Scary moment the day after the 2006 LCC. Looks like I lost something.

The Pass of the Cattle in glorious Scottish weather after I regained some confidence in the brakes.

Arrival of my “new” DHC at its new home at the end of 2006.

Again in the Alps, in the descent of the Timmelsjoch during the 2007 edition of the 10CR.

Back in England, somewhere on Buttertubs Pass, en route to the 2008 edition of LCC.

And my current TR7 duo.

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