Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Tarting up for Le Carrera

As the DHC will be the car of choice for this year’s Le Carrera Caledonia I started servicing it today. After an oil + filter change, checking all fluid levels and lubricating the door hinges and the carburettor linkage it was time for more cosmetic work ...

Some 15 years ago I won a fancy wooden Nardi steering wheel, with matching gear knob, in a competition from a mayor Dutch car magazine. Even then they couldn’t supply a boss for a TR7, so I opted for one for my then daily drive, a Mini Cooper. But as I thought it didn’t look quite right in the Mini, I trial fitted it in my 1st TR7 and it was a perfect fit. Some five years later when I laid up the TR7 I removed the wheel and knob and stored them in the attic. There they lingered till today.

This wheel has a slightly smaller diameter and also a thicker rim, giving a better feel than the original item. Should be ideal for a blast through the North of England and Scotland.

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