Monday, 10 March 2008

Changing heater - day 2

As progress on Friday had been pretty good I started work a bit later on Saturday. This decision was prompted by the fact that the night before had been a bit late and there was some beer involved!

I started with the engine bay as I thought that would be a lot of trouble but I didn't encounter any problems there. So I could quickly switch to the car's interior. Whilst progressing steadily there I noticed that some of the connectors had become slightly corroded over the years, so a bit of contact cleaning spray was needed. Which isn't a problem as I usually carry it in the boot of the car. Only I always use the boot to store parts while working on the car. This made the spray can rather inaccessible, unless I fancied scattering all the parts, screws, bolts etc. on the drive, which I didn't. A quick phone call to a friend learned that he had some lying around, but he wasn't home till after noon. As these connectors were not accessible with the dashboard in place it was time to divert my attention to other jobs like cleaning the heater air ducts and shedding a little a bit of weight from the car. This was achieved by removing the superfluous speakers and connecting cables from the car. Only left the grills to cover up the holes.
After that I even had some time left to inspect the wiring. Found nothing wrong with it, only an interesting text on the sound insulation pad on the bulkhead;

Especially if you bear in mind that the official parts manual does only state two different versions: LH and RH. The strange ways of Leyland indeed.

By now it was time to pick up the contact spray, after which I cleaned the connectors and started on refitting the dashboard itself. Of course something had to put on a fight, in this case the master switch.

Removing it had been easy, but putting it back in place and fastening it with a bolt proved to be nigh on impossible. Some explanation might be in order here, I fitted the switch when I restored the car. I actually fitted it to the dash when it was outside the car. I connected the leads through the windscreen which wasn't in place than, but it was now. After a frustrating half an hour of fiddling I got fed up with it and took the drill out. 5 Minutes later the switch was in place!

From there on it was all rather straightforward except for the fact that the daylight ran out before I could finish everything. The gearlever, arm rest, seats and steering wheel had to wait another day.

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