Sunday, 2 September 2007

Nearly there

Collected the wheels with the new tyres yesterday. Had hoped to have them on the car by now ... But working on the carburettors has taken a bit more time than expected. I took them of last Wednesday but hadn't an opportunity to work on them till yesterday. In between picking up the wheels I managed to dismantle the carburettors and give them a good clean and inspection. Despite the fact that the engine they are attached to had been idle for nine years before being put into the DHC there was not much wrong with them. Just a few perished seals and gaskets. Also the mounting rubbers were in quite a bad shape. They had some cracks on the outside but the inside revealed much worse damage;

As you can see the seal lip on the old mount (on the left) had started to fall apart. Luckily I still had a brand-new OS pair lying in the attic (on the right). At least that’s what they look like, but they were sold to me as reproductions. Only thing left to do was the rather straight forward task of putting the carburettors back on;

In an attempt to prolong the life of the mounting rubbers I used some cable ties. The idea is that they take a bit of load from the rubber mounts, thus preventing them from shearing off. So the only remaining jobs left to do under the bonnet are the fuel lines around the carburettors, put new air filters on (when they arrive in time that is). After that I only have to put the new oil seal in the gearbox and some new oil in the differential. And those wheels off course;

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