Sunday, 16 September 2007

Fiddling with the carbs

As the carburettors were off the car for the water pump change, it was time to make a tiny change to the throttle linkage. Originally the carburettors were supplied with a linkage rod with a left and right-hand thread for better adjustment. But this one was actually a little short if the throttle mechanism had to be mounted underneath the carburettors, as is the case with 't Kreng. As a result I had to put the linkage rod in the middle hole of the lever, resulting in a rather long stroke for the throttle pedal.
With the original (Weber) rods and ball joints being rather expensive and too short I opted for a pair of normal threaded ball joints and 1,0 meter off M5 threaded rod. As the ball joints are at a 90° angle it shouldn't be a problem to get the rod at the correct length. The original linkage rod with only very little thread inside the ball joints;

And the "homemade" one;

When I took the old linkage from the car I was rather pleased with the fact that I ordered new ball joints as the original ones were rather worn out after 80.000 km. And with the new rod at the correct length it was time to give the linkage mechanism a good clean and some lubrication were needed;

After which it was a matter of reassembling everything and put it back on the car;

Although the linkage rod isn't that much longer now, I needed to screw out the throttle pedal stop about 5 mm. Which means I actually shortened the pedal's travel by several centimetres! Well pleased with that. A test drive is scheduled tomorrow to see how it all works!

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