Tuesday, 4 September 2007

As ready as can be for the 10CR

After the carburettors were reinstalled it was time to change the rear oil seal from the gearbox and inspect the differential and put new oil in;

By the look of it the differential should be OK. Also hardly any backlash on the gears and fairly free of funny noises. Only some very slight whining on overrun. Which can't be said of the gearbox, I should have picked another one to put under the car by the sound of it. There is a fair amount of rattling now after over 2000 km's (on idle and 'box in neutral). Also the gear change hasn't improved much!.

While thinking over what spares I should take with me, one of the first to spring to mind was an alternator. As I have two reconditioned ones in the attic that shouldn't be a problem. Only that you are dragging the spare all over Europe! So after checking the one that was in the car I decided that it would be better to put a reconditioned one under the bonnet instead of in the boot. After driving it I have to admit that the car is a bit quieter now;

The last job I did today was put the new tyres on the car. Looks much better now that the arches are filled slightly more. Which immediately got me to the next problem. In true TR7 style the back axle on this car sits off centre, to the right to be precise. Funny in that all my TR7's have the same deviation. While driving this shows by the right hand rear wheel scraping the rear wing. But not anymore, thanks to a round table leg (between wheel and rear wing) and some brute force (me standing on the rear bumper) this was fairly easily sorted.

Also did a 40 km test run in the dark tonight to see how the lights work. Let’s call it adequate, interior and instrument lights are perfect, dip beam is as good as can be, but the main beam is not really what you'd call confidence inspiring. On the other hand most night-time driving during the 10CR will be on through roads so that shouldn't be much off a problem (famous last words!).

So car number 20 should be ready for the 10CR. Last thing to do is give her a polish tomorrow and get everything packed.

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