Wednesday, 12 September 2007

10CR statistics and aftermath

The 10CR in numbers for car 20;
  • 3007 km;
  • 276 litres fuel;
  • ¼ litre of oil
  • Fuel consumption 1 : 10,9 (30.8 mpg).
During the run the car developed a slight rumble, especially noticeable at constant speeds. Also at certain speeds and road surfaces there was a slight vibration in the car giving a rather nasty sounding rattle in the steering column. Also, and that was the giveaway, the pedal stroke for the brakes became longer. So yesterday I had a closer look at the front bearings;

First check off course was turn the wheels by hand, this gave some rumbling sounds from the bearings. Also there was quite a lot of play on the left-hand bearing, I could move the wheel inside out for some 5 mm. After I got the bearings out and washed them, the damage was quite clear;

Not very good, on the other hand they covered some 85.000 km including numerous Night rally's, 3 trashes through the Alps and several trips to Britain just to name a few. The right-hand was much better but also started showing signs of wear. So nothing else I could do but put some new bearings in, that should improve things!

Hopefully will get a full report on our 10CR online somewhere next week.

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