Monday, 27 August 2007

New tyres

Initial plan for today was;
  • Get my new tyres fitted in the morning;
  • Work from home in the afternoon;
  • Start dismantling the carburettors in the evening (due to the fact that the mounting rubbers have started to crack).

So it seems a good idea to change them with the 10CR in sight and give the carburettors a good clean in the process.

But so far for the plan. When I came into the tyre shop it turned out they had forgotten to order the tyres. The only thing they could do was adjust the front suspension after which I returned home, still on the 11 year old and rock hard Michelins (or should I say Firestones by now 😜).

In the afternoon I worked on the plans to reline one of the main sewage pipelines in our province. Yes I do need a bit of cash so now and then! And instead of working on the carburettors in the evening I had to pull the wheels of the car and bring them over to GTRoger's father (who works at the mentioned tyre shop). So as soon as the new tyres arrive he will put them on the wheels. Sadly I only have the Wednesday evening free for the rest of this week. And I'll keep that free to start work on the carburettors. So probably won't get the new tyres on the car before Saturday.

I also had ordered a new rear oil seal for the gearbox because when I changed the oil in the 'box last week I found that it was leaking very slightly, so better to put a new one in. Went rather smoothly thanks to a proper air powered tool;

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