Wednesday, 1 August 2007

10CR preparations

Took a day off from work today to change the front silencer box from the DHC exhaust system. This was necessary due to the fact that all the silencing stuff inside wasn't there any more, giving a rather nasty booming noise. Also the exhaust rattled quite a lot because it was touching the somewhere adding to the noise. Really not what you want if you are going to drive some 4000 km in some 4 days through half of Europe on this year’s 10CR.
As the weather forecast was rather nice the plan was to work on the car in the morning and enjoy it in the afternoon. Actually everything went to plan, also thanks to the fact that I could use Rob's workshop again;

It turned out that the rattle was caused by one of the seat bolts sticking out underneath the car. So nothing that a good hacksaw can sort in a few minutes. In the end I even had time to spare to fit one of the front spoilers I bought from Bert Smeets last year. Not yet sure what I'll do with it, paint it black or something more or less in the shade of the car;

So after lunch I hit the road for a nice afternoon trash through the country, but as I returned to the car after filling up at a petrol station I found some rather suspicious looking drops on the right-hand bonnet vent;

A quick inspection revealed what I already had guessed;

Looks like this car has quite an appetite for the top coolant hoses as this is the second that goes within less than 1000 km. So will have a go at some silicon stuff I guess.

Just forgot to mention that I also changed the frame from the hood, and as I guessed, not much work. Went over to prepare everything Friday evening and finished it in a few hours, so nothing really worth mentioning!

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