Saturday, 25 August 2007

10CR, only 11 days to go!

Done some more 10CR preparations today. As it has been rather humidly hot over here I didn't fancy working on the car so I opted for a compromise, sorting the interior lights. They both hadn't been working since I bought the car, so first thing to do was inspect them thoroughly. The light in the driver’s door had clearly overheated somewhere in its earlier life, the plastic lip at the back of the lens, which holds the little contact wheel, had deformed. As a result it couldn't make contact anymore. As the rest of the light was in near perfect condition I dished out a spare lens from the attic and put that in. Together with some adjustments to the contacts and a bit of contact spray the light was back to life. The light in the passenger door only needed a good cleaning of all the contacts combined with some contact spray, after which it also worked.

Last job was to put a map light on the passenger door, as this might be handy for finding our way through the night stretches of the 10CR. Big advantage with all but the earlier TR7's is that they have the interior lights in the door already so it was just a matter of getting the door trim off, connect the two wires from the map light to the interior light, drill some small holes in the doorframe, and screw everything back together;

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