Sunday, 10 June 2007

MOT preparations (to be continued!)

Had a go at the DHC to get her ready for the coming MOT. Plan was to get the windscreen washer going and have the LH front indicator working properly, but alas. It eventually took me 4 hours to get the screen washer going after which I just covered up the car, closed the shed and went home.

Still don't know what's wrong with the original system as it worked when I bought the car. Pump is running, internals off the pump look fine and no blockages in the tubing or washer jets. But no water coming out off the jets! Strange indeed.

So I took the pump out of my first car. At least this one worked when the car was laid up. This pump has the advantage that it's a rather non original VDO one, with the added bonus of more capacity so I can use twin washer jets instead off the original single ones. Just to be safe I thought it a good idea to check if the pump still worked. Well no, it had seized over the years!
Luckily it could be dismantled for a good clean and some lubrication after which it did work again. After that it only took me an hour or so to get the pump in the car. This was mainly due to the fact that one off the rubber mounting inserts had come loose. But Rob had some nice small rubber mountings lying around which are a perfect fit. Only the indicator left to get sorted!

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