Saturday, 16 June 2007

More MOT preparations

As the DHC was booked in for its MOT inspection yesterday and it wasn't ready due to me being lazy, I took 't Kreng instead. And she passed with only some minor things I have to keep an eye on ... So today I finished the MOT preparations on the DHC. The only thing that needed fixing was the LH front indicator which wasn't working properly due to a bad connector. It turned out that it lost the earth wire somewhere in its previous life!

As I didn't really fancy trying to repair the old one, the contacts to go into the original connectors aren't available anymore and I hate botch repairs on the wiring, I bought some modern waterproof ones.

The idea is to try these on the indicators at the front off the car, and if they are OK to use them on all connectors which get in touch with the elements and road grime.

This one at least works, as I have a working indicator now. So the car should be ready for its first MOT under my ownership. Only thing left to do now is ad some mileage to settle the suspension. After that put some decent rubber on the rims. The tyres on there are over 10 years old now and are probably as hard as stone!

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