Sunday, 8 April 2007

Oops (or second trip with the DHC)

As the weather was rather nice today, and I had nothing better to do this afternoon, I decided to enjoy some topless motoring . Whilst driving some of my favourite country lanes in the area I noticed that the temperature gauge did go up and down quite clearly. But as the temperature didn't rise to alarming levels I didn't think much about it. I was more concerned with the gearbox which was rather notchy so now and then;

On my return home I decided to change the gearbox oil and to bleed the clutch just to be safe. But whilst jacking up the car I found a puddle under the steering rack. First thoughts was that the water-pump-seal had packed up, but there was also coolant higher on the block. A closer inspection revealed that the top radiator hose had a small tear, which was very easily enlarged;

Hopefully it's now ready for it's first longer trip !

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