Sunday, 22 April 2007

DHC Suspension upgrades

As mentioned earlier the original suspension of this car definitely needs sorting. So first thing I did was ordering a full set off suspension polybushes. I also ordered a new steering column bush, as the original one was rather worn;

Next step was to pick a set off decent suspension parts and to have them coated. For those I used the items from a very low mileage Californian DHC. And as you can see, some off the parts even had the original factory markings and labels still on;

The parts were brought to a local coating firm (Thielco) to get them shotblasted and powder-coated. The end-result looks very nice indeed, especially bearing in mind they just charged me € 90,- for it;

Today I put the bushes in the suspension arms. Fairly straightforward job if you have a half decent vice in your garage. Only thing to bear in mind when putting in the bushes (in particular the larger ones) is NOT to use any grease, just make sure the inside off the arms are clean and smooth. If using grease the bushes have a tendency to slip away in all directions. I settled on using only grease on the last inside bit of the arm to make it easier for the bushes to "come out" at the back using Davesideways' "mallet method".

Next thing to do is get the front brakes sorted, get the springs coated and put everything under the car together with some bigger (alloy) rims and new tyres!

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