Sunday, 25 March 2007

A new heart for the DHC

Slow but steady progress over the last few weeks. Succeeded to get the dashboard back in the car at last. Hopefully everything is connected properly.

Over the past week I have been mainly busy with the preparations for the engine swap. Removed prop shaft, exhaust etc. and disconnected everything from the donor car. So that the engine was sitting loose in the engine bay. Only connection still in place was the gearbox mounting.

Yesterday the engine was pulled out of the "old" DHC. As the engine hasn't been used since 1998, I decided to put new oil seals in. So after the engine came out of the car the gearbox was removed together with the clutch and flywheel. As the engine has only covered 50.000 km since I rebuilt it in the early 90's, the clutch cover and plate were still in good condition (as expected). Only the plate was stuck to the cover. But nothing a gentle well aimed blow with a hammer could get unstuck;

After new seals, lots of degreasing, lunch and more degreasing the gearbox could be put back on the engine. And after that the lot could be put in the car, which is what we did. There was only one (slight) problem. As the floor of the shed isn't very smooth the engine hoist was very difficult to move. But moving the car underneath the hoist wasn't an option as the rear has to be jacked up as high as possible to get the engine + gearbox in. But in the end it turned out that we had worried to much. With the help off a trolley jack under the gearbox the engine slid into the bay without problem;

And to finish the engine transplant, I busied myself today with connecting up everything. Hopefully the car will be ready for the road in a weeks time;

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