Thursday, 22 March 2007

Nacht van het Oosten (march 17, 2007)

For the fourth time Rutger Kwant (from Club Triumph Holland) organized this night-time touring rallye. This time we would again take part with four cars, Roger's GT6, Rob V's mk1 Escort, Rob's TR7V8 and 't Kreng. They rallied at my home from where we set off at about 13.00 h. Initial plan was to drive straight to the hotel to check in, meet up with the 7 CT teams from England and then move on to the start. So far for the plan ... Just north off Arnhem Roger's GT6 decided to get rid off it's coolant in a hurry. As my car was in front on the hard shoulder, Roger had to bear the humiliation of being towed off behind a TR7;

As we were rather close to the start we decided to tow the car there. Until a few miles further on, I looked in my rear-view-mirror just in time to see the GT6 coasting to a halt on the hard shoulder, the tow rope had snapped. He was eventually picked up by Rob and towed to the start in Epse behind the V8, the first team was out. Shortly after James contacted Roger to say that all was not well with his Spitfire, the dynamo had gone, and there wasn't a spare one, car number two out off the rallye.
After we had checked in at the hotel and I came back from a fuel station one very worried navigator was waiting for me. He had just got a phone call that his wife was seriously ill and shouldn't be left alone over the night. So only thing I could do was drive him to the nearest railway station and put him on a train home, leaving me without a navigator. First I thought to join the other two CT crews at the bar but Tim persuaded me to join him and Jason as a second navigator in the Grey Thing. It was jolly good fun in the back off the car, only thing missing was a small fridge with some drinks! And all went well ... until the accelerator cable decided to pack up just before the halfway stop!

This cost us (well actually Tim with a little help from Jason) an hour and a half to repair so we decided to drive the last few miles to the midway halt, get some coffee and head straight for the finish and the bar at the hotel. This was probably the very best bit off the whole weekend. The only thing I'll tell about it is that there was a local song-contest and the bar closed several times during the night ...

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