Monday, 19 February 2007

A short introduction

In 1988 I bought my first TR7, an original Dutch registered 1980 DHC. First intention was to drive the car for a year or so and then restore it. 10 years and lots off miles later it was taken off the road and laid up, waiting for a much needed full restoration.

After a local event in Maastricht

In Graby, during my first ever trip abroad in a Triumph
(visiting Rimmer's 1990-10-20)

In the meantime I had acquired an accident damaged low milage FHC 
(also an original Dutch car, first registered in April 1982). It was meant as a spares donor, but after inspection it was to good to be scrapped. Plans were made to restore it to standard spec and to be used as a daily driver. 4 Years later the car (by now christened 't Kreng) was back on the road. In those 4 years my plans were slightly changed, the car is now powered by a tuned Sprint engine on twin 45 DCOE's, uprated suspension (very low!), uprated brakes etc.

First outing for 't Kreng, Dutch National Triumph Day

As daily driver during a site inspection near Roermond

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