Saturday, 24 February 2007

My new convertible

At the end of last year a friend phoned me and asked if I was interested in another TR7. As he has his own firm by now he didn't have time for two TR7's so he offered me his 1981 Californian DHC. The car was un-restored, with almost no rust, lots of minor dents and scratches, 75.000 miles from new and an MOT till July 2007. And a price for which I really couldn't restore the body off my original DHC. So another wedge joined the collection just before 2007 started.

Although the car was roadworthy in every aspect I decided to change some things before putting her on the road. Originally the car was fitted with FI but somewhere in its early (American) life the FI was ditched in "favour" of an early (Speke) Stromberg setup. To do this the previous American owner  had "modified" some of the wiring.

As the prospect off 90 BHP isn't very inviting, a change off engine is first on the list. Also the wiring loom will be replaced with a Continental one. And the front brakes and all suspension bushes and the springs will be replaced too. For this I will use some of the superfluous parts that came off 't Kreng. And the target I set myself for which the car should be ready and reliable is this year’s edition of Club Triumph's 10 Countries Run in September!

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