Friday, 3 June 2016

MOT time

The weather hasn't been very brilliant this spring, so the DHC hasn't seen any action so far. But last week I took her out off her long hibernation in preparation for her MOT (or APK as it called over here). Only got round for the most basic of checks of all the essential items. And luckily nothing was wrong, so earlier this Friday I drove over to a friend's workshop to have the car tested. It was already her fourth (biannual) test since her restoration was completed in 2010. How time flies!

As expected nothing really wrong, only the CO was slightly high (4,9%) as were the headlights. Both were easy to adjust within the legal limits. One advisory were the dust covers from the lower ball joints of the front suspension. They are starting to age a bit, so will probably need replacing before the next test in two years time.

But we had a bit of a discussion over the gaiters from the steering rack. I always make a tiny hole in them to avoid them blowing up when on full lock. But according to the mechanic they should be completely closed, and as such should be rejected. As he saw my point we settled on an emergency plan in case there would be a (random) verification check by the RDW. The plan wasn't necessary.

Also nice to see some other wedges in his workshop, like one of his own TR7V8's patiently awaiting some much needed attention ...

and this rather nice and genuine TR8 DHC from one of his customers ...

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