Saturday, 16 April 2016


Today 34 years ago 't Kreng was first registered. At that time she had been standing at a dealership for a year or so. According to her VIN number she must have come off the line in Solihull somewhere in April 1981. And while trawling through my photographs I was reminded of the fact that on the 4th of March it was exactly 10 years ago that I joined Club Triumph. Completely forgot that one, time certainly flies when you're having fun, thanks so far CT. Some pictures from the archives showing the car's various guises over the years;

Restoration nearly finished ...
(September 1996)

During the English Car Rally, shortly after her restoration
(June 1999)

After a local navigational rally
(November 2000)

On top of the Stelvio Pass
(July 2002)

Near the French Atlantic coast, Les Sable d'Olonne
(July 2002)

Dawn near Lausanne during Club Triumph's 2005 10CR
(September 2005)

Le Carrera Caledonia
(June 2006)

On Buttertubs Pass prior to Le Carerra Caledonia
(June 2007)

Near the village of Buttermere after the International AutoEcosse
(June 2013)

And her current guise
(March 2016)

And two interesting pictures of two sister cars. As their licence plates have an ascending sequence it is safe to say they were registered together ...

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