Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Calendar Girls 2016

Another year almost over. So time again to start to think ahead to 2016. And time to browse through my pictures for a new calendar to grace the study wall. As last year I decided to use pictures of my TR7's ...

To remind me of the work ahead for the coming year.
A picture of the freshly painted 1976 FHC patiently waiting in the shed for assembly to begin.
(14 September 2015)

't Kreng in front of the Ribblehead railway viaduct,
during the first edition of Club Triumph's Border Raiders Tour.
(2 August 2014)

The DHC on the Black Mountain in Wales,
during the second edition of Club Triumph's Taith o Amgylch Cymru.
(11 May 2014)

't Kreng in the car park of the Old Stone Trough,
the night before the start of the first edition of Club Triumph's Border Raiders Tour.
(1 August 2014)

Refurbished interior for 't Kreng,
McBeans tartan covered Sparco seats and custom made switch panel.
(1 April 2015)

The DHC on the Hoverheide viaduct over the RW73 in Belfeld.
(13 November 2013)

Current wheels on both 't Kreng and the DHC.
The DHC shot at the Silvretta in Austria and 't Kreng closer to home in Baarlo.
(12 September 2015 / 28 November 2015)

The DHC pictured against one of my favourite views in the area,
the Maas panorama in the village of Neer.
(18 June 2014)

The first tour of 2015 with the DHC,
a local blast through the country near "Huis Oijen" in Baarlo.
(15 April 2015)

't Kreng in in front of the parish church in the village of Buggenum,
during the last tour of the year before the car had to be laid up for 3 months.
(28 November 2015)

Again taken during this year's last tour with 't Kreng,
near the weir in the river Maas in Baarlo.
(28 November 2015)

The DHC on the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse in Austria,
during the 2015 edition of Club Triumph's 10 Countries Run.
(11 September 2015)

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Patrick said...

Hi from north of France.
January and December "photographies" top on your very nice TR7 CALENDAR 2016 probably the only one in the world "overseas".
cordialement TR7 de France