Sunday, 11 October 2015

Another holiday over ...

It's been almost two weeks since I returned from yet another walking holiday in Süd Tirol.
Time for a little photographic report;

Late in the afternoon on top of the Timmelsjoch

Old farm building on the flank of the Passeier Tall near Gander

Typical workhorses for the area, Matatz

The Jauffen Pass seen from Christl

On the flank of the Passeier Tall near Moar

Donkey in Sankt Martin

Footpath in the woods near Kälbl

Near Glamitz

Gasthaus Lamm in Sankt Martin

Views of the Pfelderer Tall from the flank of the Schafbichl

Faltschnal Alm

Lazinser Hof

This child's toy made me smile ...

Pfelderer Tall

Dorfbauer in Sankt Martin

Hans-Frieden-Felsenweg, north of Meran

You shall not pass ...

Stark reminder of the dangers of the mountains, Hans-Frieden-Felsenweg

Sign of the coming autumn, Hans-Frieden-Felsenweg

Schloß Tirol as seen from Sankt Peter

As already mentioned, it was lonely at the top of the Stelvio on Wednesday!

Vellauer Felsenweg above Algund

Abandoned cottage near Vellau

Warning at the beginning of the Vellauer Felsenweg, no acrophobia

View over the Etsch Tal from Ebenaichner

Schloß Tirol as seen from Sankt Peter

View on Oberstein from the Kar Alm, Pfelderer Tal

Faltmar Tal

Faltmar Alm

The Pfelderer Bach near Oberstein

Footbridge over the Pfelderer Bach

Seekofel, Seeber Tal

Seeber Tal

Seeber See

View of the Seeber Tal from the Obere Glanegg Hütte

The Obere Glanegg Hütte high on the flank of the Timmelsjoch

Of the beaten track ...

Slightly overgrown cottage in Sankt Leonard

Abandoned house in Sankt Leonard

View over Sankt Leonard and the Jauffen Pass

Time to harvest the apples, Sankt Martin

Holy Grave Chapel, Sankt Martin

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