Saturday, 13 June 2015

FHC resto nr. 35; Striping ready

I received a messages this week with a picture attached showing a desk top. But what was lying on top of the desk looked rather promising ...

The striping was ready, and much earlier than expected. First impression was pretty good and after picking out the remainder of the surplus pieces and adding the adhesive backing foil it looks like this ...

I won't go into any details about adding the backing foil, but I can tell you it was a pig of a job to do (thx J.). But rather pleased with the end result, especially the looks of the small details in the logo's and the striping.
In my previous post on this topic I mentioned that there might well change something in the rear wing area before the final design was ready. But after modelling several options on the computer I decided the original text and font looked best. Almost can't wait to see it on the car. But that is still some time away.

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