Saturday, 7 February 2015

Weber Jigsaw

This week I not only spent time on moving the FHC around, I also used my free Wednesday to finish the Webers for 't Kreng. With all parts cleaned, the two worn out holes repaired and the arrival of the service kits, it was time to put them back together. As I had nothing else that needed doing that day, I decided to make myself comfortable and reassemble the Webers behind the desk ...

And with everything laid out within easy reach it was time to start with these little 3D jigsaws.

Biggest problem I encountered were the service kits from Webcon. They contained several extra seals which I couldn't place, and of course that's something that will create some doubt. Luckily I took some pictures during dismantling enabling me to use the computer in slide show mode in the background. For the rest it was rather plain sailing, everything slotted back in its intended position without any problems.

But next time I order a service kit I'll have to be more careful. When ordering the kits I looked at the original invoice for the parts I needed, and it clearly stated that the carburettors were fitted with 1,75 needle valves. So I ordered these. But with everything dismantled I found out that the carburettors were fitted with 2,00 needle valves. Luckily only the needles showed signs of wear and the valve seats were fine. And as I couldn't see any differences between the various needles I fitted the original seats with the new needles provided in the kit. Checking the float levels showed me they were spot on, so that should be OK.

The only other (this time very slight) problem was the main gasket, the screw holes didn't line up exactly. Easily sorted by using the old idle mixture screws as alignment tools.

Now waiting for the temperature to rise a bit more outside, so I can refit the carburettors to the car and see if this does solve most of the problems.

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